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Listed below are the books and Proceedings published by the NIE.

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An Anthology of Contemporary Ecological Research

Editors: B. Gopal, P.S. Pathak and K.G. Saxena
(Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi)

August 1998 500 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-18-2

US $ 90 (In India: Rs 1000) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

The volume includes 23 invited papers which provide an overview of the contemporary thinking in ecological research around the world. Major areas of ecology covered in the volume include: Biodiversity, Global Climate Change, Landscape Ecology and Conservation, Ecology- Economics Interface, Restoration and Management of Degraded Ecosystems, Soil Biology and Fertility, Mangroves, Chemical Ecology, and Methodological Approaches (such as Remote Sensing, Statistical Ecology and Ecological Modeling). The state-of-the-art reviews by world's eminent ecologists are of lasting value as valuable references for researchers and students.


B. Gopal, P.S. Pathak and K.G. Saxena: Ecology Today: An Introduction
F. diCastri: Ecology in a Global Economy
Z. Naveh: Culture and Landscape Conservation - a Landscape Ecological Perspective
J.N.R. Jeffers: Systems Thinking in Ecological Research and Management
Sandra Brown: Present and Future Role of Forests in Global Climate Change
Zhao Shidong and Bai Wanqui: A Systematic Analysis of Landuse Dynamics in China
Will Steffen: Putting the Human Dimension into Global Change Science: A Personal Perspective
K.G. Saxena, K.S. Rao, R.K. Maikhuri and K.K. Sen: Biodiversity - Ecology and Sustainable Development Perspective
S.D. Sastrapradja: Conserving Biological Diversity for National Development: The Indonesian Experience
M.B. Usher: Minimum Viable Population Sie, Maximum Tolerable Population Size, or the Dilemma of Conservation Success
N. Ishwaran: Application of Integrated Conservation and Development Projects in Protected Area Management
E. H. Rapoport and C.R. Marino: Patterns of Commerce and the Dispersal of Weeds
R.C. Dalal: On Fertility Degradation in Vertisols
John J. Ewel and Ankila Hiremath: Nutrient Use Efficiency and the Management of Degraded Lands
P.S. Pathak and J.C. Dagar: Agroforestry: A Reclamation Pathway for Degraded Lands
E. Cuevas and E. Medina: The Role of Nutrient Cycling in the Conservation of Soil Fertility in Tropical Forest
S.R. Gupta and B. Kaur: The Soil-Decomposer System: Processes, Controls and Management
A. E. Lugo: Mangrove Ecosystem Research with emphasis on Nutrient Cycling
M. Kassas: Fragile Ecosystems in Near East Countries: Problems and Management
Ishwar Prakash: Impact of Indira Gandhi Canal on the Desert Ecosystem
Usha Goel: Chemical Ecology: A Challenging Frontier of Ecology
E. Wada, I. Tayasu, K. Kora, T. Matsubara, N.O. Ogawa, Y. Yamada, K. Yoshi and A. Sugimoto: The Use of Stable  Isotopes in Ecological Studies
P.S. Roy and G.S. Pujar: Scope of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in Ecosystem Management and Monitoring
G.P. Patil, G.D. Johnson and W.L. Myers: Statistical Ecology of Landscape Characterization with Satellite Data for  Resource Assessment and Management - An Ecological Approach



Ecology of Biological Invasions in the Tropics
Editor: P.S. Ramakrishnan (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

1991 195 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-07-7

US $ 40 (In India: Rs 450) MEMBERS' Discount - 40%

The volume includes selected papers from an International Symposium organised by SCOPE and UNESCO in Nainital during 1989. It complements the SCOPE sponsored publications on its project on Biological Invasions.

Studies in Indian Agroecosystems
Editors: P.S. Pathak and B. Gopal (India)

1996 120 Pages Paperback ISBN: 81-86047-15-8 (For individuals only)

1997 Hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-17-4 (For Libraries only)

US $ 25 (In India: Rs 300) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

Ecology and Sustainable Development
Editor: B. Gopal (India)

1991 102 pages Paperback ISBN: 81-86047-08-5

US $ 20 (In India: Rs 200) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

Includes papers from a National Symposium organised by the NIE in January 1991.

Trends in Indian Ecology
Editors: J.S. Singh and B. Gopal

1989 180 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-06-9

US $ 40 (In India: Rs 500) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

Includes papers from a National Symposium organised by the NIE in Gwalior in 1988.

Reprinted from Int. J. Ecol. Environ. Sci. Vol. 14, no. 2-3, 1988

Glimpses of Ecology (Out of Print)
Editors: J.S. Singh and B. Gopal

1978 592 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-02-6

The volume includes invited contributions from all parts of the world in honour of Prof. R. Misra, the "Father of Indian Ecology" and the founder of the NIE.

Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Feeding Insects in
Natural and Man-Made Environments

Editor: A. Raman (Orange Agricultural College, NSW, Australia)
August 1997 270 pages hardbound
ISBN: 81-86047-16-6 and 90-73348-71-4

Distributed Outside the Indian Subcontinent Exclusively by

Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands

[Special Price for the Indian Subcontinent: Rs 450]

MEMBERS' Discount - 40%

The volume includes 17 contributions from most eminent entomologists and insect ecologists from nine countries around the world. It will be indispensable for any one interested in insects and particularly in insect-plant interactions. Forest entomologists, agricultural entomologists, geneticists, evolutionary ecologists, plant and animal ecologists, and cecidiologists will find the book most valuable.

Wetlands and Ecotones: Studies in Land-Water Interactions
Editors: B. Gopal (India), A. Hillbricht-Ilkowska (Poland) and R.G. Wetzel (USA)

1993 304 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047- 09-3

US $ 60 (In India: Rs 600) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

The volume is based on selected papers from the International Conference on the subject (organised by the NIE in association with SIL, UNESCO, WWF-International and other organisations in New Delhi during December 1991). Additional papers were invited for the volume.

Recent Studies on Ecology and Management of Wetlands
Editors: R.G. Wetzel (USA), A. van der Valk (USA), R.E. Turner (USA),
                W.J. Mitsch (USA) and B. Gopal (India)

1994 246 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-12-3

US $ 50 (In India: Rs 600) MEMBERS' Discount - 50%

Includes selected papers from the INTECOL's IV International Wetlands Conference held in Columbus, Ohio, USA, during 1992.

(Reprinted from Int. J. Ecol. Environ. Sci. Vol. 20, no. 1-2, 1994)

Wetland Ecology and Management 2 volumes (Out of Print)
Editors: B. Gopal, R.E. Turner, R.G. Wetzel and D.F. Whigham

1982 Vol. 1 512 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-04-2
         Vol. 2 160 pages Paperback ISBN: 81-86047-05-0                

          ISBN: 81-86047- 03-4 (set)

(Volume 2 Reprinted from Int. J. Ecol. Environ. Sci. Vol. 7, 1981)

The two volumes, now considered to be a classic, constituted the Proceedings of the INTECOL's First International Wetlands Conference held in New Delhi, in 1980. The volumes were among the world's first international publications covering all aspects of the ecology and management of all kinds of wetlands.

Related Publications from the same Publisher

Principles of Ecology (Out of Print)
A.B. Vyas (India) and F.B. Golley (USA)

1976 Pages Paperback ISBN: 81-86047-00-X

Teaching of Ecology & Environmental Sciences in India 
Editors: B. Tiagi and B. Gopal (India)

1978 192 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-01-8

US $ 15 (In India: Rs 250)

Order from: International Scientific Publications, 50-B, Pocket C, Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi 110014, India (E-mail:


Publications in Cooperation with Other Organisations
(Orders must be placed only with the respective Organisation.)


Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
J.L. Bhat and Desh Bandhu (India)

1990 100 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-10-7

US $ 20 (In India: Rs 300)

Environmental Education for Sustainable Development
Editors: Desh Bandhu, H. Bongartz, A.G. Ghaznavi and B. Gopal

1994 526 pages hardbound ISBN: 81-86047-11-5

US $ 70 (In India: Rs 750) (NIE Members' Special Discount: 33%)

Publications of the
International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL)


Limnology in Developing Countries, vol. 1

Editors: B. Gopal (India) and R.G. Wetzel (USA)

1995 250 pages paperback ISBN: 81-86047-14-x

US $ 12 (For Individuals: US $ 5)

The volume includes state-of-the-art reviews of the water resources and limnological research in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Tunisia, Malaysia, and Papua-New Guinea.

Limnology in Developing Countries, vol. 2

Editors: R.G. Wetzel (USA) and B. Gopal (India)

1999 350 pages Paperback ISBN: 81-86047-19-0

US $ 20 (For Individuals: US $ 8)

This volume includes state-of-the-art reviews of the water resources and limnological research in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Costa Rica, and Uruguay.

Order from: General Secretary, SIL (Prof. R.G. Wetzel), Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0206, USA

Publication of the
Indian Association of Limnology and Oceanography

Aquatic Sciences in India

Editors: B. Gopal and V. Asthana

1991 225 Pages Hardbound ISBN: 81-7003-145-1

US $ 45 (In India Rs 400) (NIE Members' Special Discount: 30%)

A paperback edition is available for Individuals only at 50% discount.

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50-B, Pocket C, Sidhartha Extension
New Delhi 110014, India
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