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Latest News

This page provides the latest news about the NIE activities and about its members.
The page is updated as often as necessary


1 March 2002

NIE Receives Grant from the Ministry of Environment and Forests
for Preparing a Background Document for the Proposed River Regulation Zone

A National Workshop on "Conservation of Rivers and Floodplains in India" organised by the Ministry of Environment & Forests in New Delhi, during 23-24 November 2001 (see Report in this issue of the Bulletin) urged the MOEF 

"to take necessary steps towards issuing a notification under the Environment Protection Act, to protect river floodplains, and areas surrounding all inland water bodies, from uncontrolled anthropogenic activities (tentatively called as River Regulation Zone notification)".

The MOEF promptly set up a Committee to examine various issues, and at its first meeting, the Committee decided that a Background Document should be prepared by the National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD0.

The NRCD has asked the National Institute of Ecology to prepare this Background Document and has sanctioned a small grant for the purpose. The Document, to be prepared within four months, will form the basis for further discussion within the MOEF and later at an inter-Ministerial meeting. The National Institute of Ecology is proud to be associated with this national activity. We thank the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the recognition..

It is expected that the National Institute of Ecology will also be associated with the implementation of another resolution concerning "the conservation and restoration of floodplains, and protection of upper watersheds of rivers". Plans are being prepared to undertake Pilot-scale Demonstration Projects in the upper watersheds of several rivers, especially River Yamuna.


NIE Vice President takes over a Chairman, State Pollution Control Board

Prof. P.S. Dubey, Vice President of the NIE (from Vikram University Ujjain) has been appointed Chairman of the Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Bhopal.  Heartiest Congratulations.

Prof. M.C. Dash appointed  Vice Chancellor

Prof. M.C. Dash, former Vice President of the NIE and until recently Chairman of the Orissa State Pollution Control Board, has been appointed Vice Chancellor of the Sambalpur University. Heartiest Congratulations.


30 December 2001

The subscription rates for membership have been revised with effect from 1 January 2002.
For individuals in India, paying their dues annually, the amount has been raised to Rs 300 per year. The Admission Fee for New members has also been raised to Rs 100.

The annual dues for Overseas Members are: 
               Developed Countries   US$ 40
               Developing Countries   US$ 30


29 October 2001

The International Conference on Eco-Restoration has been POSTPONED once again indefinitely in view of the current situation. New dates will be announced as soon as possible.


20 June 2001

The International Conference on Eco-Restoration has been rescheduled for 14-18 January 2002. Preliminary announcement is now available on the NIE homepage. The Conference will be organised in association with the Society for Ecological Restoration (USA) and the International Society for Tropical Ecology.


30 December 2000

Prof. Brij Gopal (Secretary General, NIE; Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) has been nominated by the Planning Commission
as as Member of the Steering Committee on Empowerment of Tribal Communities, and a Member of the Working Group on Environment for the preparation on Tenth Five-Year Plan.

22 December 2000

Prof. R.S. Tripathi, Dept of Botany, NE Hill University, Shillong, has been elected a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy.
Our Heartiest Congratulations.

Prof. Ravindra K. Sinha (Patna University, Patna) has been elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences.
Heartiest Congratulations.

25 November 2000

The publisher of the International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences has informed us that with effect from 2001 (Vol. 27) the journal shall be published in association with Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands, who will be the Sole Distributor of the Journal outside the Indian Subcontinent. The Publisher has also announced a change in the subscription rates w.e.f. January 2001. Further the Journal will be published in the larger A4 format.

More details will be available soon on the journals page.


23 November 2000

The NIE has decided to invite the INTECOL to hold its next International Ecology Congress in India in December 2000. A proposal to this effect will be submitted soon to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and other organisations for supporting the invitation.

20 November 2000

The NIE has started collaboration with the Kumaon University, Nainital (Uttaranchal), on an Environmental Economic Project. The project entitled "Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Nainital and its Watershed: An Environmental Economics Approach" has been funded by the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, through the Environmental Economics Research Committee (EERC), under the World Bank-aided Environment Management Capacity Building Project (EMCaB). The project is of 18 months duration.

Prof. S.P. Singh (Nainital), Joint Secretary, NIE, is the Principal Investigator, and Dr Brij Gopal (Delhi), Secretary General, NIE) is the Co-PI. Dr Malavika Chauhan has joined as the Research Scientist, and two junior research fellows have been appointed. There is also a position of semior Project Fellow with specialisation in Economics/Natural Resource Economics/Environmental Economics.  Interested individuals may contact Prof. S.P. Singh (email:



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